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The Ventlings

I read about a photographer who wanted a beautiful picture of her own family but

that was a struggle since her son was Autistic and would not stand for a traditionally

posed picture. So she adapted. She followed her son around all day and captured

moments that demonstrate the love her family shares. She realized that not every

family wants a traditional family portrait, nor can every family take one. This led her to

tailor her business to meet the need of every family.

That inspired me to meet the need of every family.

I had this opportunity with the Ventling family. They married ten years ago at Harkness

State Park in Waterford, Connecticut. Now, ten years and three children later, they

wanted to recreate some of their wedding pictures and take some family portraits. They

have an active toddler, a five year old daughter, and a son on the autism spectrum.

They did not want a traditional posed portrait but rather wanted pictures that captured

their family’s personality and playful love. They let me follow along and snap picture

after picture after picture.

We recreated their wedding photos.

We played.

We captured a beautiful family portrait, several in fact.

Our afternoon was about more than taking pictures. We created memories. We

remembered the bond of love that created this family. We celebrated that bond and the

life that sprang forth from it.

Their photo gallery is a testimony to their love. I am beyond grateful to have had shared

in this experience with them.

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