I am so grateful that the Cho family took a risk hiring me three years ago to shoot their first family portrait.  I'll never forget that shoot, in an apple orchard in central New Jersey.   

Once the extended family heard of the shoot, everyone wanted to be a part of this special day: aunts and uncles, cousins, boyfriends, grandparents and great grandparents.  It was a bit overwhelming for me because not only was it the first shoot for the Cho's, it was my very first shoot too!

That was three years ago.  Last year, we took pictures in Brooklyn Heights, New York.  

This year we met up in Chinatown, New York.  I love everything about Chinatown and this location was the perfect spot to capture some very special family moments.  

I'll write more about multi-generation pictures in another post, but I just have to say, having 4 generations eager and willing to take part year after year is a gift.  These pictures will be here long after our loved ones no longer are and they will be powerful reminders of the love shared this side of heaven.  

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 My last post reminded families that you don't have to load up the car and drive to a location to get a great family portrait.  Sometimes the simplicity of the backyard is all that is necessary to bring out a child's playful side.

One of my recent photo shoots combined back yard photography with in home photography resulting in a series of photos I adore.  

Winter is tough on toddlers.  Some love the chilly New England temperatures but many do not.  I enjoy coming in and having children show me their favorite spots, their favorite toys and their pets.  They are relaxed and the pictures come naturally.

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Don’t get caught up trying to find the perfect location for your family shoot. Depending on the ages of your children and the different stages they are in, loading everyone into the car, driving to a location which may or may not have bathroom facilities, staying clean, and then getting everyone to play happily can be a challenge!

Backyards make great locations! What matters is the light, not the location.

I took these pictures just steps away from the family’s home. There was no fuss. No styling. No posing. Just play and light, beautiful afternoon fall light.

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