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Joey's Senior Pictures

On a perfect fall afternoon I met up with my good friend Joey to take his Senior Pictures. I knew I wanted to do something different from my other senior shoots, as I usually go to the beach. With Joey I wanted a more urban feel, so I found the perfect spot in Shelton, CT. It had both a nature feel with the peak foliage but also had lots of old abandoned buildings and cool brick. Not to mention train tracks! We had a lot of fun taking these and I think it shows in the pictures.

There were so many cool and unique spots to find that the possibilities were endless.

We lucked out because the Connecticut foliage was in peak color and made the background of these images look fake!

Every photo shoot is special to me in different ways. This one was special to me because I got to photograph one of my friends in a very cool environment. We got to try out ideas and ended up with some super cool pictures. In the end he and his family loved the images, and knowing they are happy and love them is the best part of my job.

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