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Back to Texas


When I came home from Texas in November I missed it. I missed everything: the team, the people we met, the heat and being able to help someone every day. I told my parents my plan to return in April, 2018. I’m very excited to go back to the same church and the same community. The trip will be through the same relief agency, EFCA Crisis Response, only this time I will travel with my youth group. As the only returning person on the team, I hope to lead my group through the week and capture lots of images each day.


I wonder if there will be more pictures of life and new beginnings rather than of destruction. Five months will have passed and I’m sure so much has been done since November to restore the community. I will see first hand all the work and changes that have happened. My team knows I am a crazy photographer who is always taking pictures to document our projects. I will share those images here with you.

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